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Review of Rodan and Fields by Harvard Law Professor

Review of Rodan and Fields by Harvard Law Professor

Here’s what this Harvard Law Professor thinks about Rodan + Fields Skincare

Honest review of his wife’s entrepreneurship and home based business

Law Professor and Harvard Law School graduate, Lucas Osborn, shares his perspective on the Rodan+Fields opportunity and partnering in business with His wife, Dana. In his words, he describes himself as naturally sceptical about this business, and took a very analytical eye to the fine details of what it meant for his wife to run this business online and from home.

His conclusion just may surprise you.  It appears that he has covered this from all angles, to provide an honest review of Rodan and Fields skincare.  I particularly like his objectivity, reviewing it with an open mind for no personal gain (no sales pitch or details about how to buy skincare products from his wife).


(Transcript below)

Hi everyone my name is Lucas Osborne, better known as Dana Osborne’s husband; because she’s the level 5 Rodan and Fields consultant.

I’m here to tell you my view of the Rodan and Fields business model and to do that I want to give you my background.

I was a chemical engineering major in undergraduate with all of the stereotypes that attend that. I am overly cautious, I am extremely analytical and I am very tight with my money, although I prefer the term frugal.

As my engineering studies were ending I decided that I wanted to do something different. So off I went to Harvard Law School where I became even more analytical and even more cautious, possibly cynical.

And now I’m a law professor and I’m an expert in intellectual property law and contract law.

So what attracted a cautious analytical person to Rodan and Fields?

The first thing for me that got me interested and comfortable, were the doctors. They were Stanford trained, expert dermatologists who had already established a billion-dollar brand with Proactive. So they were proven in this industry, that was enough to get me comfortable enough to look at the documents for Dana.

They were Stanford trained, expert dermatologists who had already established a billion-dollar brand with Proactive. So they were proven in this industry, that was enough to get me comfortable enough to look at the documents for Dana.

So I studied the business documents, I studied the business model and I came away convinced that this was an excellent business opportunity.

Now some are sceptical about non-traditional business models, but one thing that jumped out at me was that these doctors have taken non-traditional business models and made them industry standards.

They did it with Proactive and now they’re already doing it with Rodan and Fields.

The key to this business is that it’s based on products.

Products that must be sold. If people aren’t selling products, nobody’s making money. And that was a key for me, so let’s talk about these products.

These products are in a multi-billion dollar industry sector, they are high-quality products. One thing that amazed me about this is after Dana was already interested, she started using the products and I thought “oh you know, we’ll see what happens”.

I didn’t expect any dramatic change, she already had great skin.  But within a week of her using the products, we were off taking our kids on a walk in the neighbourhood. And I turned to look at her. As we were talking and walking I immediately noticed a difference in her skin and I was shocked. I didn’t think it was possible in a week first of all.  And I really didn’t expect a dramatic change.


But there it was.


Also with these products, you have a very strong brand name in Rodan and Fields. These products were leading products in Nordstrom’s, in high-end stores before they were pulled for the present business model.

And these products then, and now, get tonnes of free publicity. And all of the magazines that are in this industry sector.


So in addition to these products that are that are high quality, there are a couple other things that jumped out at me that it may be important to you.

First of all, there’s no inventory with this business, okay. You might have had a friend that did a business where they’ve got a closet full of boxes and boxes of stuff that they didn’t sell and didn’t use.


That’s not going to happen with Rodan and Fields.

The second thing that I really appreciated, was that they did not dilute the Rodan and Fields brand.


You may see other products that branch out into all sorts of things; clothing, perfume, makeup, all sort of vitamins and before you know it they claim that they can cure everything in anything.

Rodan and Fields didn’t do that. They focus on what these dermatologists know. Quality skincare and that’s where they focus their brand.

The final thing that I really appreciated was the motivation for the doctors creating this business model.


They wanted to empower entrepreneurs.


I’m an intellectual property expert so I study entrepreneurship and innovation and it was very pleasing to me to see a business model that was focused on entrepreneurship for individuals, who want to start their own business.


So, in conclusion, you’ve got a very strong brand in Rodan and fields.

You’ve got proven doctors.

You’ve got an excellent business model and you’ve got great products what’s not to like?

Please post your comments and thoughts below, or feel free to message via the contact form for more information.
I find this to be another great real-life review of Rodan and Fields skincare, with objectivity and detailed information.

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