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Rodan + Fields Skincare Australia. Is this a good home business idea?

Rodan + Fields Skincare Australia. Is this a good home business idea?

Rodan and Fields Skincare Australia, my take on whether this is a good home business idea

Simple skincare, MLM, or scam review

There are so many businesses and sites out there dedicated to online home business ideas.

So what makes this business model any different to the rest?

What is Rodan and Fields?

From the creators of the very popular skincare product, Proactive.

With this success, the world renowned DermaSkincare online business opportunity Australiatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields went on to develop and create the skin care range that is Rodan + Fields.

Initially, the brand was purchased by Estee Lauder, and the products were sold in Nordstrom, a high-end retail store.

However, with market research and customer feedback, it became apparent that the product was actually selling because of word of mouth, and not the presence of it within the store.

This lead to Rodan and Fields buying back the retail rights from Estee Lauder and branching out to a direct selling business model.

The Rodan and Fields Skincare range

The range is comprised of three main regimens to cater for the individual skincare needs of each person.


A number of products that are deRedefine skincare treatment regimesigned to combat the signs of ageing;  Wrinkles, Lines, Pores and Loss of Firmness.

This includes daily cleansing mask, pore minimising toner, Triple Defense Treatment SPF 15 and overnight restorative cream. In addition to this, they have a Redefine AMP MD product that is designed for firmer looking skin.




Used to address the dull appearance of sun damaged skin, discoloured and skin spots. anti ageing skin care regimenThis may become one of the most popular products in Australia to deal with our harsh sun and our outdoors lifestyle.

This includes deep exfoliating wash, intensive brightening toner, dual active brightening complex, shield brightening lotion SPF 15.




For women and men with dryness and chapping that leads to sensitive skin. This is achieved Soothe sensitive skinby reducing the visibility of sensitivity, fortifying the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and neutralising irritants on the skin caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

This includes gentle cream wash, sensitive skin treatment, moisture replenishing cream and calming lotion SPF 15.




Rodan and Fields range also includes additional products that can be used to compliment the regime that you are using.  These include night renewing serum, lip renewing serum, multi-function eye cream, eye cloths for removing make-up, daily body moisturiser, lip shield SPF 15, gauze pads for applying and removing make-up and products.


A summary of each regimen and product is available for your information here.

See what participants in the initial pre-launch in Australia think.


What does a recent adopter of the business model think?

KimberlyMarch 1, 2017

I am in my first month of starting my Rodan + Fields business.

I look at it as a mini-franchise without an initial outlay investment. I don’t need the capital investment of a storefront, but I get to carry and promote products that have made a difference to me.

I did not have to buy a big box of inventory to start out, and I don’t have to carry any inventory.

The company does that for me. All I have to do is take care of my customers. And that is fun. I have an excuse to be social and connected.

There is a monthly fee to have a sales website, but it’s optional. I have low expectations the first year, as I know this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It is a business that I can build into a long term residual income.

But I am having a lot of fun. The team culture is very positive and empowering. I do feel weird approaching friends and family, but I always leave an “out” and really, it’s just me letting people know it’s available, I have it, reminding them sometimes, and then letting it go. I love this opportunity!

This simple skincare review from a regular customer.

Shazia Zirvi, April 22, 2017

I have been using these products for 3 years and LOVE every product.

My acne started clearing after 4 days of using the unblemished line. The redefine Mask tightens your skin and makes u feel great!

The microdermabrasion paste exfoliates leaving your skin soft and smooth. It can be used on your face and all over your body. The best eye cream in the market.

The soothe cream, moisture replenishment cream gives more hydration to my skin, and has cleared up my children’s eczema!
Customer service is easy and helpful, and FYI your 60 days start from the day you receive your package. Read your receipt, the date is not that of the day you purchase.
I am married to s dermatologist who loves these products. Everyone needs to try these products for themselves before passing on them. We all have different skin. Give it a try. You truly have 60 days to try the products and get a refund if u need. Any dermatologist will tell you to use a topical cream for 6-8 weeks to see results with prescription drugs. This company gives you enough time to try them.

So, the verdict! Is this a good home business idea?skincare repair acne blemish

Rodan + Fields skincare is not for everybody.  But it is an excellent opportunity for women and men passionate in skincare and building a profitable home based, or online business.

Rodan and Fields products have a lot of positive reviews from consumers and few negative reviews on the internet. The support from their consultants and corporate office also appear to be of a high standard.Rodan + Fields have also been featured in Oprah Magazine, Allure, Forbes, New Beauty and Vogue, just to name a few.

Rodan + Fields have also been featured in Oprah Magazine, Allure, Forbes, New Beauty and Vogue, just to name a few.

Just as in any business you need to have belief in the brand and the products that you sell.  It’s also not all about hassling your friends, co-workers, neighbours, and family.  It’s not like Avon or Amway, where you have to buy up stocks and hit up everyone you know to try and sell it.

The product itself has a strong niche following, and now rated #1 skincare range across all price points and product types in America.

It’s a great home based business idea Australia.  The networking, friendships and support that you receive from your partners are of a high benefit in itself, regardless whether you take this on as a side income business or develop it into your 5-year plan.

You may also like to find out more at the R+F Australian website here.

9 thoughts on “Rodan + Fields Skincare Australia. Is this a good home business idea?”

  • Hi Craig
    Looks like a real opportunity for the right person. Word of mouth is still a great marketing method, and the products must be good, by reading your info.
    Having two qualified women also helps, as their expertise will be welcome.
    If you’re the outgoing type, and love networking, this would be a real opportunity.

    • Hi Greg

      Thanks for your comment. Yes the products are great, and almost sell themselves via word of mouth and reputation.



  • Wow, this product is amazing the before and after picture at the bottom of this page simply blew me away. My wife has some skin issues and we’ve been looking for her something legitimate to help her out. I really like this one you explained it and broke it down thoroughly. Thank you for the information.

    • Thanks James for your comments. I too was amazed when I started looking at this product, to the point that I was almost trying to find a fault in it.

      The more I researched it, tried it and talked to real people using it….. I was hooked.

  • Hello Craig
    Thanks for sharing your views on Rodan fields skin care, really appreciate.
    With the so many products out there all claiming to do wonders to your skin, it`s hard knowing what works and what now, walking into any beauty shop counter one immediately get confused with what is on offer.
    Now I like the fact that Rodan is not one of that large barand names that me as a consumer I’m forced to pay a premium price just for the name.
    What I may like the most about this product is that they offer people a chance to make money selling their products, so I can use it and also be an affiliate and make some money.
    Just not sure how well the product can sell, it`s a product I`ve never heard of so I may have to check it abit more, people prefer to buy brand names they already know, so selling it will not be very easy.
    Still, really informative and I really appreciate your sharing

    • Hi, and thanks for your comments.

      You are absolutely right when you say people like and buy known and trusted products. This is what has proven successful for Rodan + Fields as it sells so well by word of mouth. (The reason the Doctors bought the rights back from Estee Lauder and took it out of stores).

      There is a load of support, information and guidance in how to kick off Australia with this business. Plus of course, the media buzz and discussions will continue to get stronger.

      I have spent many months investigating it and sampling it (with my friends also), and believe in the products.

      Its just one of those things, like Twitter, that launches and takes off because it is a good product. Feel free to message me if I can help.



  • Hi,
    I have heard some good things about Rodan+Fields so I am considering making a purchase. My son is 12 and just starting to get a little bit of acne. The person you quote in the article talks about the unblemished product. Do you think that might be good for a young boy? Or would you recommend something else?
    Also, if a person is interested in a home business, is this one expensive to start?

    • Hi Xin

      Yes the product will be great for your son. The products are for all skin types, of all ages, and I’m sure that you and your son will definitely notice real improvements to his skin (and self-esteem).

      Also all products come with a sixty day money back guarantee (even if you send back a used empty bottle) if you don’t believe that it has worked as promised.

      It is not an expensive home based business to start at all, you don’t have to buy up and hold lots of stock, and there are different ways that you can become involved. There is also great support networks, events and other people that will help ensure your success.

      Please message me if you are interested to find out more or require further information.



  • I know a few nurses (online)who actually recommend R&F as a side business that could become the main one.

    I’ve always been intrigued by this business, wondering if these ladies were actually being honest about how much money they really make in this business.

    Your review was detailed and very instructive. I didn’t know the actual story part about R+F buying the company back from Estee Lauder. That speaks volume to that wordof mouth strategy.

    I didn’t know there weren’t any “startup” cost.That’s interesting.
    I would like to try the products first, but I’ve head they can be expensive, are they really? Do they take care of hormonal acne? Proactive had done nothing for my hormonal acne…

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