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Today Show U.S. features Rodan and Fields

Today Show U.S. features Rodan and Fields

Watch this feature from the U.S. Today show on Rodan + Fields

Transcript below for this life-changing skincare product range

Now Launching May 2017, this showcases what is in store for home business opportunities Australia.



Whilst this is an American morning show review of the Rodan and Fields skincare range, it highlights how this can be a real contender for your investigation into home business opportunities Australia.

What if you could use social media to work from home and make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Well as today Sheinelle Jones discovered it is not a pipe dream.  There are mums making money from home.

We’ve all heard of beauty products like Mary Kay or Avon. They’re built on a direct sales model. Now the game is changing dramatically with new high-profile players jumping into what some called this social commerce and for many women who want to run a business from home.

The possibilities are limitless, from your fingers to your screen a whole new direct sales movement is underway, taking us much larger than I ever imagined.  Long gone are the days of the iconic bell ringing sales lady Avon calling or the Tupperware party generation, Today’s entrepreneurs cast a worldwide net all thanks to social media connections.

Everything can be done virtually,  I can really do everything between my phone and my computer multitasking. Mom of two Jen Griswold works almost entirely from home as a self-employed consultant for the skincare line Rodan and Fields.

I have worked hard and put a lot of hard work into this over four years, but I am making a multiple six-figure income.

Experts say ambition and digital savvy are the essential skills. Direct sellers use a lot of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s also ideal for Laura Gibbons who already has a full-time job and in her dual-earning household, she is able to supplement her family’s income on her own schedule.  It’s really fun to share the business opportunity, share the product with people I really liken it to a virtual franchise.

Opportunities are exploding, people were selling everything from toys to jewellery and clothing to make money. There are hundreds of direct selling companies today, and companies doing great with social media.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the dermatologist team behind Rodan and Fields. A skincare company riding the social commerce trend where everything is run on your smartphone, on your laptop, and if you want to immerse yourself and do it full-time…. fantastic the sky’s the limit.

You want to be just part of the action, the pocket money you can have that too, but experts caution to keep your earning expectation realistic.  Everyone is commissioned and incentivised by one another’s success, it’s a labour of love for women like Jen Griswold who’s realising her dreams.

I personally have been giving to an organisation that provides microloans for military spouses. I really just want women to know that you can through entrepreneurialism have a family and have a business and be able to do all the things that you dreamt up. One thing to do before you get involved is to thoroughly research the company, make sure there are any consumer or seller complaints against the company and that their practices are aboard.

I will tell you my mum growing up sold Mary Kay and I remember she had her church group, you know there were people in our neighbourhood talking about it.

Now with the internet, you can know some people in Detroit if you want Always do your homework before you jump and getting sorry, do a little homework.

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